Grumpy Taxpayer$ releases brief with recommendations to the province calling for a major overhaul of the CRD

VICTORIA – Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria releases today its brief ‘Top 10 Ways to Improve Capital Region Governance’ to the province calling for a major overhaul of a dysfunctional Capital Regional District (CRD).

The CRD, an organization designed 50 years ago, is unfortunately held in low regard both by taxpayers, and somewhat surprisingly, elected municipal mayors and councillors.

“The CRD is either broken or working as intended,” says John Treleaven, 1st Vice-chair of Grumpy Taxpayer$. “In both cases it has failed to make the expectation of the needs of a provincial capital region and one of Canada’s largest urban centres,” says John Treleaven, 1st Vice-chair of Grumpy Taxpayer$.

“The need for the province to take over the sewage treatment project is the most recent evidence of systemic failure – a form of administrative receivership – as well as its failure to resolve regional transportation issues.”

The CRD requires fundamental improvements in accountability and transparency. Among the 10 recommendations from Grumpy Taxpayer$:
The Community Charter be amended to allow for the direct election of the chair and directors of the Capital Regional District through a ward system.

A detailed governance review of the structure and function of the CRD is recommended with a commitment to implement necessary changes. This review would include an internal review of all areas of responsibility of the board and core mandate of the organization with the view to consolidating and streamlining.

Our foremost recommendation is to urge the government of British Columbia to create a dedicated Ministry of Municipal Affairs to provide leadership and a support role for municipal and regional government. As well, we urge the newly created ministry initiate a review and update of the Community Charter (Bill 14, 2003).

Grumpy Taxpayer$ is also urging a reduced board size of 12, a modified oath of allegiance and two-term limits for CRD directors.

Our brief attached below will form part of the documentation to the Capital Integration Services and Governance Initiative (CISGI) which will be making its initial report to the province in October.


Editors Note: Listen to Terry Moore (McCall on holidays) of CFAX radio interview John Treleaven, 1st Vice-chair of Grumpy$ and discuss CRD governance (Aug. 15).


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