CISGI calls for public input –

The all important Capital Integration Services and Governance Initiative (CISGI) reviewing the CRD expects to complete its report to the province in early 2017

In the meantime their team has created an on-line virtual open house, where stakeholders and citizens can review fact sheets on individual services, participants in on-line discussions and complete some surveys that will inform our report.

The link to the site is

Grumpy$ presented a brief to CISGI last summer entitled Top 10 ways to improve capital region governance, see


Shaw shows on CRD

The CRD: In Context consists of three 20 minute host-guest interviews with elected decision makers and unelected advocates and activists on the issues of the day in the CRD. The interviewee’s positions on these issues, what they think, are used to surface why they think the way they do.

Through dialogue, the beliefs, values and principles that the guest thinks from are scrutinized on their fit within the context of the CRD or a specific CRD municipality. Not whether they are right or wrong, but how they are the most effective to think from in addressing the issues.

Viewers won’t get a debate (a.k.a. fact fight) with one viewpoint attempting to prevail over another. What they will get is a revealing insight into how CRD decision makers, advocates and activists think and why they think as they do.

Host John Farquharson pitchs the show to potential guests as a great opportunity to showcase the thinking behind their position(s) on the various issues.

Weekly air times and shows  ‘ The CRD in Context’  are posted on YouTube.


City of Victoria 2017 Draft Financial Plan

Council has given preliminary approval to the draft 2017 Budget and is looking for input from the public before finalizing in mid-December.
Load the full Draft Financial Plan [PDF – 22 MB] or peruse the Budget at a Glance [PDF – 5.6 MB].Then, make sure you participate in a Town Hall on Dec. 1 and have your say. The Town Hall will be interactive and webcast live. Comments to the Town Hall can be provided in person, online, through social media, or by telephone.

Make sure to fill out the survey . Try our Budget Simulator, which allows you to experience the types of decisions City Council and staff make when developing and allocating funds.

The 2016 operating budget totals $221 million and the capital budget totals $51.2 million. The budgets would result in an overall property tax increase of $2.8 million or 2.31%. Combined with utility fees, the overall costs to home owner result in a 2.05% increase from 2015, and 2.19% for businesses.
• View the financial plan [PDF – 21.7 MB] – 1,000 plus pages !
• Read the Budget at a Glance [PDF – 836 KB]  -50 pages