Taxpayers will go to the polls Oct. 20 to either bring back incumbents who may be doing a decent job or vote for newbies to hopefully rejuvenate the management of their community. To date 11 of the 13 regional mayors have said they will run for reelection – but it’s unknown if Sooke Mayor Maja Tait and North Saanich Mayor Alice Finall will seek relelection.

Grumpy Taxpayer$ conducted a survey of all 91 councillors in the 13 jurisdictions of the Capital Regional District to identify which politicians have had the longest career. Council terms at the municipal level were three years in duration for generations, until changed to four years in 2014.

The two ‘oldies’ by a landslide in the capital region are John Ranns of Metchosin, who has served 10 terms in office since 1987, the last six terms as mayor, and Coun. Geoff Young of Victoria, who has served from 1984 to 1999, and from 2005 to present, a total of 10 terms.

The runner-ups with most political longevity and number of terms are: Leif Wergeland (6) of Saanich, Gordie Logan (6) of Colwood, Peter Wainright (6) of Sidney, Ron Mattson (7) and John Rogers (7) of View Royal, Tim Chad (7) of Sidney, Nils Jensen of Oak Bay (7), Judy Brownoff (8) of Saanich, Pam Madoff of Victoria (8), Stewart Young and Denise Blackwell of Langford (8 terms since incorporation in 1992).

Newer jurisdictions on the Westshore, Highlands, Central Saanich and Esquimalt don’t have many really long term politicians.The Sooke council is also comprised of councilors with only a couple terms experience.

In its report to the the Capital Integrated Services and Governance Initiative (CISGI) report last year, Grumpy Taxpayer$ recommended that local politicians return to society after two consecutive terms before seeking reelection. That allows newcomers a fair chance at getting elected in order to provide new blood in councils.

Every politician at some point has an expiration date, the only question for voters is it sooner rather than later. What do you think, they are oldies, but are they still goodies?

A reminder, Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria is an unaffiliated, citizen’s advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste, and more accountable municipal government. We are strictly non-partisan and do not endorse any political party or candidate for election.

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