Which of the following – sringozzi, conchiglioni, cisgi, fusilli avellinesi, scialatielli – is not a pasta?

If you guessed ‘cisgi’, that’s right, it stands for Capital Integrated Services and Governance Initiative (CISGI). This critical report was authored in 2016 by former Liberal MLA and cabinet minister George Abbott and released by the NDP. A testament to the cross-party respect for Mr. Abbott, who has been hired by the NDP to review the disastrous year of wildfires.

Shockingly though, the 24 CRD directors never put the CISGI report on its board agenda or discussed its recommendations in public since its release in August 2017, Grumpy Taxpayer$ has learned.

CISGI provides plenty of evidence about the fractured, ineffective and inefficient nature of existing CRD services, and the need to consolidate and share services to reduce costs and improve governance.

While CRD bigwigs concede it has challenges, they curiously criticize organizations for not assisting with positive solutions. But, the failure to even discuss or debate CISGI – full of positive suggestions by a qualified expert – points to a closed organization that’s highly resistant to fixing its’ major flaws.

Only the province it seems will improve this calcified institution, which is trying to operate under 50-year-old legislation. Are the premier, the ministers of finance, education and agriculture, and three Green MLAs, prepared to show the same leadership improving the CRD as they have for the province?

Until that happens, taxpayers wish CRD directors would set aside parochial municipal interests, listen to residents, consider the evidence, and co-operate and compromise for the best interests of the entire regional community. The municipal election is Oct. 20.

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