Central Saanich stretch to Butchart Gardens judged ‘Bumpiest road in Greater Victoria’ winner 

The width, quality and condition of the Central Saanich road leading into Butchart Gardens received multiple entries and has been judged the ‘Bumpiest-road-in-Greater-Victoria.’

Winner Ken Lane (alias Bobby Ken) of Greater Victoria was the first to nominate the two-kilometre stretch of Benvenuto Avenue between Wallace Drv. and the entrance to  the world-renowned Butchart Gardens. It appears that on the both sides of the original road that a two-foot addition, or patching job, was done at some point which is now failing and in need of repair.

Bone-rattling roads around the region are revving up taxpayers,” says Stan Bartlett, chair of Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria.

“This sub-standard road though certainly won’t stop people visiting this world-renowned tourist attraction of Butchart Gardens. Its poor condition over two-kilometres is surprising when you consider it’s a national historic site attracting more than a million visitors annually,” says Bartlett.

“It’s a huge economic generator to the region, the second largest contributor to the local tax base and largest employer in the municipality. It is the iconic brand for Greater Victoria tourism. ”

Many municipal councils have the tendency to try to do everything for everyone all of the time. In our view, politicians would do well to focus on their core mandate of running local government and providing better quality services at a reasonable cost to fatigued taxpayers.

The narrow Central Saanich road is heavily used by tour buses and tourists with wide trailers. It doesn’t seem the road will be upgraded any time soon.

A resurfacing and widening of the road isn’t listed in the 2019 Financial Plan, the Pavement Management Plan, or list of Strategic Priorities for the District of Central Saanich. As the highest corporate taxpayer, in 2018 Butchart Gardens paid $499,104 total in property taxes to Central Saanich.

Because of the number of entries, a second prize, another $10 lunch with the board of Grumpy Taxpayer$, has been added.

The runner-up winner was Janet Kirkpatrick, owner/operator of Coastal Companion, and daily driver of a 20-seat passenger bus around the region who provides scenic tours for seniors in care homes.

“Some of those roads are so rough that I have to slow to a crawling speed for the comfort of my passengers (particularly those in wheelchairs) as well as to prevent damage to my bus!” says Kirkpatrick.

She detailed seven roads around the region needing repair, but was unable to choose just one as her entry. “In summary, all municipalities need improvement, but City of the Victoria is by far the worst!”

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