10 Good Reasons to join Grumpy Taxpayer$

1. Our approach works. We lead the opposition against the 2022 Commonwealth Games bid, what would have been an expensive $1.5 billion boondoggle. We continue to scrutinize municipal budgets, major capital projects, and the dysfunctional, undemocratic governance model of the CRD.

2. We are one of a kind. No other organization in Greater Victoria works toward holding municipal politicians and municipalities accountable. Our volunteer citizen’s advocacy group works toward better value for municipal taxes.

3. We are not opposed to taxes. Taxes are the price for society, but how much tax is too much? We are dedicated to lower taxes, less waste, and more accountable municipal government.

4. We are legitimate. Our organization is registered as a non-profit under BC Societies Act and must file annual reports, bylaws, board of directors’ lists, and financial statements.

5. We get our message out. Our newsletter reaches about 2,500 people monthly through subscribers, our website, Twitter and Facebook.

6. We are known to the media. Our viewpoints are printed by the Times-Colonist, Vancouver Sun, and Black News publications. We are a regular contributor to CFAX 1070, and appear on CBC, Global and CTV News.

7. We are positive and an open organization. While we’ve been known to get grumpy, it’s our goal to ask questions and be positive in our efforts. All board meetings are open to members and guests. We welcome your input and comments to our approaches and policies.

8. We are pro business and economic development. It’s recognized business activity generates all taxes and contributes in the betterment of our lives and community.

9. We are unaffiliated. While there are kindred spirits out there, we’re not affiliated with or part of any other organization so function independently.

10. We are non-partisan. While we are ‘political’ in our efforts, we support no political party or candidate.

We depend on your financial support.

Donate $25, $100, $500, whatever you feel comfortable with (May we suggest $50?). Some members choose to make additional donations annually. Remember, it’s a lifetime donation and membership until you unfriend us.

DONATE & JOIN US by sending your cheque to Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria, #1606-751 Fairfield Rd., Victoria, BC V8W4A4. Or, click PayPal in the top right corner of


Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria

Mission Statement: Grumpy Taxpayers of Greater Victoria Society is a non-profit, non partisan, citizen’s advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and more accountable municipal government.

Our Vision:

To act as a collective voice of taxpayers in Greater Victoria.

To advocate municipal government lower taxes and reduce waste.

To hold municipal government more accountable for their decisions.

To operate strictly in a non-partisan and unaffiliated fashion.

To provide and support constructive alternatives and suggestions for municipalities.

To ensure the privacy of members and supporters is respected.

To communicate with members and supporters on taxation matters of common interest.

Our Core Values: Participatory, inclusive, engaging, forward-thinking, respectful, results oriented, goal driven, transparent and accountable.

Plus, frugal, constructive, positive, perseverance, and sense of humour.

Governance: As a non-profit society we are governed by the rules and regulations of the Society Act of BC. Our bylaws prohibit any director from holding membership in any BC or Canadian political party.

If you like what we’re doing, Donate and Join Us !


One thought on “Available for everyone, funded by readers”
  1. Has anyone ever checked with the other competing candidates for Mayor in the last election, to see if perhaps there was collusion to run more candidates, so that Lisa
    would be sure of winning. She is trying for an National award for the most bike lanes,
    and does not care about the roads, the down town businesses or common citizens, Just
    as long as she gets her Award. She is doing this with only 20% of the vote.Louis

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