The tax rates for the entire Capital region are now published so you can figure out if you’re paying too much tax or not getting good value for your tax dollar.
It’s easy: Click 2019 Tax Rates link below. Find your municipality. Pick a column such as ‘residential’. Go to the total below for your tax rate. Then multiply it by your assessment and presto you have the amount of taxes you paid.
You can compare by multiplying other tax rates across the region by a similar assessment. For example: If you live in Central Saanich your tax rate is 4.9147, and if your house is assessed at $800,000, you pay $3,953. Compare this to a View Royal resident who pays a tax rate of 4.4834, and if house is also assessed at $800,000, you pay $3,586.
It’s important to note, each resident pays for a different batch of services. 2019 Tax Rates >>  


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