Guest John Treleaven, Chair of the Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Victoria, talks about the organization’s history, mandate, and place within local politics.


2 thoughts on “BC Talks with Chair John Treleaven”
  1. Easy-listening and informative, but surprised at the compliments afforded the South Island Prosperity reports. I’ve gone through the “Reboot” document, and it is “much ado about nothing” . . . 10 recovery “pillars” and 160 “recommendations” that leave an impression of more rigid “central planning” which is the antithesis of what a recovery requires . . . much more of a free market economy.

    1. I see this excercise as a good and necessary first step. Having built a team of local leaders to get this far, now comes the hard part.
      My suggestion for economic recovery initiatives has been from the beginning to keep economists as far away as possible. Some have and some have not.
      One other mitigating circumstance is that no one has ever been here before. We have had ways and recessions amd worse but never as a direct result of placing the economy into an induced coma for public health purposes.
      Putting a patient on a respirator is as dangerous as it gets, except for taking them off,
      Thank you for your comment and do stay safe.

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