Soothing city taxpayers at budget time

Grumpy Taxpayer$, without an artist-in-residence and without any help or free services from TELUS, has created a 1-787-HOLY-COW telephone number to bring calmness to city taxpayers.

The project is designed to bring soothing auditory experiences to taxpayers in the Greater Victoria Area and across Canada. The phone line has a wide variety of comforting cow sounds from calming mooing to more vigorous bellowing of Holsteins, Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, and Guernsey. It also features calves and heifers.

If you’d like to submit your domesticated ungulate (cow’s) bellowing to be considered for future audio selections, send an email and your very brief recording.

Auditory content will change periodically. Check back to hear a variety of new sounds from local Island cows. Keep in mind, there are never any prizes and the project never ends.

A similar taxpayer-funded program by the City of Victoria offers a choice of nature sounds, contemporary music, ambient music, and guided meditation. The 1-877-2BE-CALM Project is operated under the artist-in-residence program which is up for renewal for 2021.

If you are m-o-o-o-ved to share your views with city council, do not be cowed.


3 thoughts on “City project 1-787-HOLY-COW launched”
  1. If council does not wake up immediately and realize just how significant revenue losses are going to be with the decimation of our tourist industry, there will be a lot of sad mooing at city hall. Academics with zero life experience cannot possibly understand just how serious this is and as a result are not cutting now, what needs to be cut to keep the city from sliding into debt. This artist makes $42,000 per year for 20 hours work a week and an indigenous artist is to be added in the spring. There is $84,000. Two new hair brained positions were created in the Mayor’s Office whilst council was considering cuts to the budget. Cost: a hundred grand each. Costs for such unnecessary positions have skyrocketed since Helps took over. Council has to get back to basics of administering a SMALL city and get their heads out of the sky. It is not that complicated and it is not as expensive as they make it. Next general civic election can’t come fast enough so that we can finish the job we started in the by-election.

  2. I fail to understand how Victoria City Hall continues to pursue trivial, yet costly (to the taxpayer)pursuits.
    Surely, while local business and other tax-paying residents are struggling to survive, the “powers that be” must recognize their obligations to expend our tax dollars on worthwhile projects that support our economic survival.
    The continued pattern of frivolous spending must be halted and, instead, a serious, business-like approach to managing our local economy must be implemented.
    Managing our City is not childs play, the bureaucrats and politicians at City Hall, must put on their “big boy pants” and act like grown-ups, instead of playing games with our hard earned money.

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