The Bumpiest-Road-in-Greater Victoria contest, the third annual, finishes at the end of April, so get your nomination in asap, to
All winners gain fame: First prize is a set of false teeth (only if someone is prepared to donate their old set). Second prize is an endless coffee with their board member of choice. Unlike some municipalities we know, Grumpy Taxpayer$ has a tight budget and is notoriously frugal around here.
We believe not investing sufficient tax dollars in roads is false economy that hurts the taxpayer.
Investing adequate tax dollars in roads helps build the economy (commerce is facilitated), saves money (delayed road repairs and restoration costs more), helps the environment (vehicles save fuel on smoother roads minimizing pollution), creates jobs (money is circulated in the economy), and saves injuries and lives (no explanation needed).
Residents are encouraged to report craters to their municipal office: Victoria
and Saanich and Oak Bay Dept. of Engineering and Public Works department at 250-598-4501.
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