Fourth wave of pandemic continues to wreak havoc
As COVID-19 cases start to climb across the South Island, critical care hospital beds are filled up, long haulers suffer, surgeries are delayed, parts of the local economy continue to struggle, and as the Delta variant and future variants continues to spark concerns – hundreds of municipal employees or local politicians on the South Island may not be vaccinated.
“It’s time for municipal leaders and employees to step up and support the vaccine mandate. For elected officials who refuse to do so, there will be more questions to be answered.” says John Treleaven, chair of Grumpy Taxpayer$.
“Essential services provided by local governments are critical for our community, and keeping employees safe with a double vaccination is also critical. They have the most direct contact and interaction with the public than any level of government.”
Canada has imposed a vaccination mandate on federal workers who are required to self-declare by Oct. 29. About 30,000 employees of the public service in B.C. will need to have both shots by Nov. 22. There are several thousand municipal employees, including police and firefighters, across the South Island with no mandatory vaccination requirements
Few local politicians during the last 20 months have shown leadership and publicly declared they have been vaccinated and encouraged the public to do the same, says Treleaven.
“Taxpayers need to ask if any of our 91 local political leaders are not vaccinated and why haven’t they shown leadership and self-declared?”
As the fourth COVID-19 wave continues to wreak havoc, several major cities in Canada, including Toronto and Halifax, have recently mandated vaccinations for staff.

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