VIEW GEORGE CUFF KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Delivered by ZOOM at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria, presentation 30 minutes followed by questions and answers running about 45 minutes. Keynote theme “Strengthening Municipal Governance and Why That Matters.
George Cuff is a well-known name in the world of local government across Canada and author of the best-selling and highly praised books Making a Difference: Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders – Volume 1 and Making a Difference: Cuff’s Guide for Municipal Leaders Volume 2. His latest book is Leading: The Real Value of a Mayor & Council.
Cuff will address Grumpy Taxpayer$ at the 6th annual general meeting of Grumpy Taxpayer$ on Monday, Nov. 22 at 12 noon via Zoom. Members and non-members welcome to join in. If you wish to be notified, e-mail
He has authored numerous manuals and publications on topics relating to municipal government, public sector administration, and leadership. His articles on governance and management have been published over the past two decades in Municipal World magazine.
His Governance Zone column appears monthly in Municipal World magazine.
Each year, Cuff speaks to various councils, boards, associations and management groups on a wide variety of issues pertaining to governance and senior management. Noted for his no-nonsense approach to municipal governance, he has conducted organizational studies and/or seminars for more than 300 organizations, including both the public and private sectors, and has worked across Canada.
His experience includes involvement with local government in various roles since 1970, including that of a department head, and a mayor. He is also a past president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.
A student, teacher, and advisor on the art and principles of governance and the elements of effective organizations, Cuff has effectively applied his academic and experiential observations in his role as advisor to numerous small and large public sector organizations. – Files fromMunicipal World Magazine

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