A freedom of information (FOI) request by Grumpy Taxpayer$ to the Capital Regional District has revealed nothing about its role in the 2022 Commonwealth Games bid.

Their response was 318 pages of blacked out and heavily redacted (censored) documents (click blue link above to view) – mostly copies of the correspondence sent by Grumpy Taxpayer$ to the CRD on the issue. The FOI request was handled in-house by CRD staff.

“The in-camera discussion on the $1.5-billion Games – a project with huge potential liability for all taxpayers in the CRD – was unfortunate to say the least. The secrecy around of the debate and vote robbed us all of accountability,” says John Treleaven, 1st vice-chair of Grumpy Taxpayer$.

“The extensive redaction is a further insult.”

So much for the ideal of open and transparent government and providing citizens with the opportunity to observe and engage their elected representatives to foster trust and confidence in decision-making processes and allowing for meaningful participation and contribution from informed citizens.

Information was requested for CRD correspondence related to the Games bid from 2015 to July 12, 2017, but was denied under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act under sections 12(3), 13(1), 16(1) 17(1), 21, and 22.

The $1.5-billion bid was discussed behind closed doors by the CRD board, which eventually granted conditional support subject to a proper business case being approved by local governments and institutions being made public. It left taxpayers wondering how an unelected administrative committee – with no legal mandate to do so – acted on behalf of the entire region.
The ’22 Commonwealth Games bid started in secrecy by committee chair  David Black, continued in secrecy, and now, has ended in secrecy, Treleaven says.
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Stan Bartlett, Chair, Grumpy Taxpayer$

John Treleaven, 1st Vice-chair, Grumpy Taxpayer$
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